It's Okay To Be Reckless

Characters: Yesung and Siwon (Only)
Pairing: YeWon or WonSung
Rate: G (as if I can make an NC... keke)
Warning: I'm bad at English and Writing... and you're gonna find some information about Tibet here... hope I don't confuse you... kekeke

Yesung throws his backpack onto the bed harshly before taking off his shoes and puts them carelessly on the floor. Siwon walks behind Yesung with a  clear frown decorating his tired face. Siwon grabs Yesung’s arm, forcing Yesung to stop his step and looks at him.

“Are you mad?” asked Siwon softly. He tries his best not to blow off.

“I don’t like being treated like a kid!” replied Yesung as he tried to pull his arm off Siwon’s hand.

“I didn’t-“

“You followed me!” cut Yesung. “I have asked your permission to go here and you agreed. I told you where I would go and I even called you whenever I could since you kept on telling me to call you whenever it is possible to make a call. I did what you want me to! And even after all those things, you still follow me? You didn’t trust me or what?”

“I’m just worrying about you.”

Yesung chuckles loudly as he looks away from Siwon. “But that doesn’t mean you can just show up here. I mean, I’m not a teenager and this is not even my first trip. I’ve been to many places… even the dangerous ones.”

Siwon closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. Siwon has been worrying sick about his own husband for weeks and had to get through many problems to reach this place, yet Yesung acts as if he has done a very big mistake. Yesung threw tantrum since the very first minute he saw Siwon.

“Just take a shower first. I know you’ve been in places with no warm water or even clean water….” Siwon takes a deep breath and exhales slowly. “… and we need to calm our heads before we have another talk.” Siwon knows he needs to take a rest. He has been feeling dizzy since hours ago. He certainly has no power to have an argument with Yesung right now.

“Whatever,” answered Yesung coldly before he walked to the bathroom and then closed the door harshly, resulting a loud ‘bam’.

Siwon sighs for the umpteenth time. He brings his step to the bed and lies. Siwon covers himself with the thick blanket and tries to get some sleep. Siwon thinks he probably catches flu since this city is indeed such a cold place.


Yesung and Siwon are currently staying in a hotel in Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet. Two months ago Yesung told Siwon that he was about to have a 3-week-journey exploring Tibet. Before giving his ‘okay’, Siwon read some information about Tibet. The country is still regarded as a developing country but many travelers say Tibet is a safe place. It’s a home of infamous Dalai Lama after all. People lives for worshipping their Gods.

What harm can this place bring? Siwon thought.

Siwon eventually agreed under one condition, Yesung should call him whenever it was possible to make a call.

This journey was not Yesung’s first trip. Siwon knows very well that his husband loves traveling. Yesung has been going to many different countries even before they knew each other. As a freelance translator, Yesung definitely has enough time – and money – to do his hobby. Siwon, does, sometime complain about Yesung’s hobby but there is nothing he can do to stop Yesung. The said man always has his way to convince Siwon to give him permission.

However, two weeks ago, Siwon somehow learned the route Yesung was taking to reach Tibet. Instead of taking a flight to the capital city, Yesung chose a dangerous route. Entering Tibet is not easy in the first place. As a conflicting area, the Chinese government obliges every visitor to obtain a special permit before entering the so-called-sacred place, and the permit doesn’t come cheap.

Yesung, however, entered Tibet via the borderland of China without any official permission from the authorized government. Yesung traveled from the very last city belongs to China named Kargilik to the capital of Tibet. It was not an easy trip for sure. No decent land transportation available. Yesung needed to take some old buses or already-wrecked cars, and even walked to pass through mountains and other deadly tracks. Sometimes he would stay in an unknown village for a day or two to wait for passing cars or busses.
“I don’t wanna spend my money for that stupid permits!” Here came Yesung’s argument when Siwon confronted him about his permit to enter Tibet. It was a week after Yesung’s departure and he was in a village with name Siwon couldn’t remember.

Siwon knew that this was not the first time Yesung taking a dangerous route. That petite guy had once gone to Papua New Guinea for two weeks. But at that time he was accompanied by two other travelers, two anthropologic or something, who worked on some research related to tribe.  But right now, it’s different. Yesung went by himself. Well, Siwon has also known that there are times when Yesung met other solo traveler and they would travel together but most of the time he would surely be by himself.

The fact that Yesung traveled alone and, the most important, without official permit really made Siwon worry. Making use of his family’s connection, Siwon finally could obtain Chinese visa and special permit to Tibet for himself and of course for Yesung. A lot faster than common people.

Right after he had the documents in his hand, Siwon took a flight to Beijing and then took another flight using a lot smaller airplane to Lhasa. But even after he had arrived in Lhasa, still he could not just find Yesung. Siwon only had little information about his husband whereabouts. From the last conversation they had on the phone, Yesung was on his way to Lhasa before he take another route to Everest basecamp. Siwon was really frustrated because he couldn’t reach Yesung through his phone. He was afraid that Yesung had arrived to Lhasa earlier than Siwon predicted and the said guy had already left for Mount Everest. This was one of the moments when Siwon hated Yesung’s favorite destinantions. It’s always places with a very limited access to technology.

For two days Siwon walked around Lhasa with a guide he hired. They checked every guesthouse and hostel to find Yesung. Siwon also waited on the terminal bus for hours. In two days, Siwon only saw three buses coming to Lhasa. The guide told him that not many public transportation available in Tibet.

On the third day, right before sunset, Siwon saw an old truck coming into the terminal. Siwon almost walked back to his hotel since many people said no bus would come after sunset, but then he saw a small man with a big backpack got off the truck. That was his Yesung.

After spending about 20 minutes under a warm shower – something Yesung never found during his journey from China’s border to Lhasa – Yesung finally gets out of the bathroom. The said guy puts on his worn out shirt. Yesung stands for couple minute in front of the bathroom door, looking at Siwon who is lying on the bed with his eyes closed. Slowly, Yesung walks closer to Siwon.

It is until Yesung takes a closer look that he finally realizes Siwon’s face looks pale. His breath also sounds short and heavy. Yesung starts wondering if Siwon suffers Altitued Sickness – a sickness experienced by those whose body haven’t fully adjust to the high altitude.

Unlike Yesung who adjusted to the natural condition of Tibet which is located 3.600 meter above sea level little by little during his journey, Siwon’s body probably hasn’t fully adjust to the condition of high altitude. Yesung closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. Siwon is right, they probably need to calm themselves. Yesung finally gets out of their room.

Less than 30 minutes later, Yesung finally gets back to the only 3-stars-hotel in Lhasa. There is certainly no luxury facilities in their room. There is only a queen-size bed in the center of the room with a pretty hard mattress and warm shower. But this place is definitely the best room Yesung has during his almost three-week-trip.

Siwon is still sleeping under the thick blanket. Yesung reaches the bed and took of his dirty and worn out shoes before he finally lies himself beside Siwon. Yesung circles his hand around Siwon’s waist, hugging the slightly taller man from behind. Yesung rests his forehead on Siwon’s back while his nose inhales the very fragrance of Siwon. In an instant, guilt invades Yesung’s mind. Unconsciously Yesung tighten his grip around Siwon’s body.

Yesung has just had a short talk with Liam, the guide accompanying Siwon these last three days. Liam told Yesung that Siwon almost took no rest since the very first hour the said guy landed on Lhasa. “He would go around the city in the morning, and then waited on the terminal station until sun set before he continued his search,” said Liam.

Yesung cannot help but feeling really guilty. After what Siwon did to find Yesung, all he gave to Siwon when they met was not a warm hug but harsh comment.

“What’s wrong? Heum?” Siwon’s voice sounded hoarse.

“Do you feel dizzy?” asked Yesung full of concern.

“A bit.”

“What about your breath? Do you find it is hard to breath? Do you feel a bit weak? Does your nose bleed?”

“What’s wrong?”

“Have you taken any medicine?” Yesung doesn’t stop giving Siwon question.

“Why should I take some medicine? I just got a bit dizzy.”

“Are you stupid? How could you come here without any information about this place?” Yesung’s voice is higher than before but definitely no hint of anger.

“Well…. I know Tibet. I researched some stuff before I came here. You know I-“

Siwon leaves his sentence midway when he hears Yesung quiet sob. Siwon turns his body and he frowns when he finds his husband biting his bottoms lips with tears drenching his face.

“Hey… what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” Siwon tilts Yesung’s chin.

“How could you are being so reckless?” answered Yesung between his sob. “What if something bad happen to you? You could have died because of Altitude Sickness, you fool.”

“Oh… That altitude sickness!” exclaimed Siwon suddenly. “There is this one guy that sit next to me on the plane. He told me about the altitude sickness and gave me some medicine. But I don’t think I got that sickness. I mean, I’m just dizzy and a bit tired.”

“Where’s the medicine?”

“In my bag.” Siwon points his chin to his bag that is lying on the floor near their bad. Yesung gets up abruptly and opens Siwon’s bag. The said guy takes a glass of water right after he finds the mentioned medicine and then gives two pills to Siwon.

“Seriously, Yesung. I don’t think –“ But Siwon finally takes the medicine once he sees the serious look on Yesung’s face. Siwon gives the empty glass to Yesung.

“I’m sorry. I came without letting you know and now I make you worry,” said Siwon apologetically to Yesung who now sits next to him at the edge of their bed. “I really have no idea you will feel as if I treated you like a child. It really was not my intention. I just wanted to make sure you get here safely and gave you your documents.”
Yesung shakes his head. “I should be the one apologizing. I got mad at you and said something bad. I’m supposed to feel grateful. I mean, I have such a caring husband. I’m sorry, nee? Sometimes I forget that my life is not only about me anymore. I should also think about you and your feeling. I know sometimes I act like a child. Sorry.”

Siwon pulls Yesung softly and then hugs him. Siwon caress Yesung’s back. "You know you do sometimes look like kid. Especially when you do your aegyo or when you pout. Ck... those who never met us will think I'm pedo."

"Yak.... I'm you hyung! I do not look like kid at all!" protested Yesung with all his heart, making Siwon laugh. Silent fills the room. The couple say and do nothing but hearing each other's heartbeat.

“We’re leaving tomorrow, okay?” Surprisingly Yesung himself suggested that. Siwon looks at Yesung with a questioning look.
“Are you sure? I mean, you can stay here if you want. I only needed to make sure you are okay which you are, indeed, very fine and to give your documents. Aren’t you going to continue your journey to Everest basecamp?”

Yesung shakes his head. “We’re going home! That’s it. And you need to see doctor as soon as we reach Beijing. I have to make sure you’re not suffering the altitude sickness.”

Siwon cannot hold his smile. He strokes Yesung’s cheek softly. “You end your journey for me? Can I feel happy about it?”

Yesung pouts his lip. He looks down, playing with the hem of Siwon’s shirt. “I still love you, for your information. And as far as I can remember, I’m still your husband. Just because I barely call you when I had my trip, doesn’t mean I never worry about you. I still have the privilege of worrying about you, right?” Siwon lifts Yesung’s chin and then pecks Yesung’s lips.

“If you can leave all your work in Seoul just to see me, why I can’t leave my trip for you? You’re definitely more important than Everest or anything.”

Siwon laughs. “Now you mention it, I indeed left my works without second thought. I bet my father gonna scolded me for hours once we arrive in Seoul.”

“You! Aish.. really.” Yesung pinches Siwon’s nose. “You need to stop being reckless, you know? You’re a CEO of a huge company, for god sake.”

“You know I am being reckless and such a foolish person only when it comes to you. It really can’t be helped.”
“You love me that much, huh?” stated Yesung full of confidence.

Siwon takes Yesung into his arm again, hugging the smaller man tightly. “A lot Yesung. A lot.”

Yesung circles his hands around Siwon’s body, feeling the heat of the man who has vowed to spend the rest of his life with Yesung.

“Thank you for loving me this much,” replied Yesung sincerely.

Yesung releases himself and looks at Siwon deeply. “You have no idea how grateful I am for having you as my husband.”

Yesung then leans forward, capturing Siwon’s lips. Second later, Yesung and Siwon share deep and passionate kisses. It might be cold in Tibet that night, but our couple has their own way to warm themselves.


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