Part Time Lovers

Characters: Yesung, Siwon, Victoria
Pairing: Always Yewon/WonSung
Warning: I'm bad, like really bad, at writing and Engish. And my English seems worse here. Gaaah

Seoul Court seems busy this morning. Lawyers, common citizens, prosecutors, judges, and polices are walking through the hallways, heading to the court chambers or judges’ offices. Yesung is one of those people. Once in a while, he throws a small smile to other lawyers he passes by. Yesung pace is getting slower a little bit as he recognizes a quite taller man walking from the opposite direction of his.
Siwon, the taller man, curves his lips, forming a smile that shows his dimples. His figure looks perfect under his prosecutor robe, indicating he is about to have a court session.

“Busy day?” asked Siwon as they steps are getting closer.

“Divorce case gives the biggest headache.” Here comes Yesung reply, almost in a monotone voice.

“Take a break, Mr. Lawyer,” said Siwon.

“Say that to yourself, Mr. Prosecutor.” Their shoulders bump as they pass each other and then part their ways.


Even with his tall figure, sometimes it can be pretty hard to spot Siwon behind the stack of papers on his desk. A frown can be seen clearly in his forehead. It’s past his working hours but it seems that Siwon has no intention to leave his office. Most of his colleagues have gone home around two hours ago, leaving Siwon in an empty and almost dark room.

A sound of ringing telephone suddenly fills the room. The echo can be heard clearly even on the hallway outside the office. Siwon stares at the ringing phone for quite some time.

Two. He counts the ringing.

Three. And then the phone stops ringing.

A grin can be seen on Siwon’s tired face as the said man grabs the phone on his desk and start pressing some numbers he remembers clearly. He waits a couple minute before he finally puts down the phone and continue his work – at this time with a big smile decorating his handsome face.


It is 6.35 PM when Yesung leaves his apartment driving his Hyundai Avante. The street on Friday night is as busy as usual. Yesung looks at his wristwatch before he looks at the traffic light which has just turned into green. Yesung sighs in relieve. It seems like he will arrive on time. He certainly does not want his girl waiting for him. Even though she is such a lovely woman, but once her mood turns bad, she can be so deadly.

6.55 PM. Yesung arrives in time!

The said guy gets off the car and throws his key to a valet parking officer. Yesung walks quickly inside an apartment building and gets on an elevator that will bring him to the floor where his date resides in.


Sitting in front of Yesung is a pretty girl on her knee-length peach dress with open shoulder. Her long hair is braided on her left side, exposing the right angle of her perfect beauty. Tonight, they are having a dinner in Yesung’s favorite restaurant. It’s not located in busy downtown of Seoul.


Yesung does not really like spending his weekend in hustling bustling place. He prefers a restaurant at the outskirt of Seoul. It’s Yesung’s week. That means the guy has the privilege to set the menu for their dinner. The girl in front of Yesung looks at the man with a smile.

“Seems like your date comes pretty late,” said her in a low voice.

A waiter comes to their table, bringing their main menu consists of their favorite pastas. The waiter leaves them few minutes later.
“Caught by some files, perhaps. Or traffic.” Yesung shrugs. It’s not something odd for the person they are talking about to come late. Yesung knows exactly how hectic - and sometimes unpredictable that man’s work can be

“Ah… Not that late.” The girl replies while looking at a man who has just entered the restaurant.

“He looks hot in white,” commented the girl as she exchanges look with the man. He is wearing white suit that fits his muscular body perfectly. Even without a tie – perhaps the guy forgot to wear one or it is part of his style, and with a pretty disheveled hair, the said guy does not look less handsome.

Without feeling embarrassed or afraid, the girl fixates her gaze to the tall man who is currently walking towards their table. The girl throws a smile the guy walks pass their table and reach the empty seat right behind Yesung and the girl’s table.

The girl shifts his glance to the window glass on her right side. She is now looking at the reflection of Yesung and the man who apparently sits on the opposite of Yesung.

“You know I cannot always cover you both up. I love you, Yesung but we cannot do this forever. I understand that people know us as a very good friend, but there’ll come the time when people will start thinking we are really a couple.”

Yesung lets a small laugh. “Since when you care about people’s opinion, Victoria.”

The said girl sighs loudly. “Since I’m 28, and still single. My mother starts bombarding me with this marriage question. And with this situation.”

Victoria points his finger to both herself and Yesung. “… I won’t have a date forever!”

Yesung smiles apologetically. “I’ll introduce you to a nice guy from my firm or someone that I know. If you find a click, then I can have two of you as my cover!”

Yesung ends his sentence with a big grin and Victoria can only rolls her eyes.

Yesung holds his wine glass, as if he is preparing for a toast. Victoria takes another glance towards the window glass and he can see the man behind him hold his wine glass as well. Yesung smiles, a very beautiful smile that sometimes Victoria admires, before taking a sip. The man also takes a sip.

It is around 9.30 PM when Yesung finally reaches a hotel that was booked under the name of Victoria. Again, that very best friend of him complained when she found out Yesung used her name for the umpteenth time. But Yesung knows she will not be upset for long, especially after she got the package with her favorite bag in it.

Not long after Yesung gets out of the bathroom for changing his clothes and washes his face, someone rings the door’s bell. Yesung peeks outside and finds a familiar figure standing in front of the door. He quickly opens the door.

“Hai,” the guest smiles broadly, showing his dimples that Yesung loves a lot.

“Hai, back, Mr. Prosecutor. You’re pretty late tonight.” Yesung replies as he walks back inside the room and then sit at the edge of the bed.

“Sorry. A case just came in right before I ran away from the office.” Siwon sits next to Yesung. He leans toward Yesung and kisses the smaller guy’s neck softly.

“You smell good,” complimented Siwon.

“I always smell good.” Siwon laughs hearing Yesung’s words.

Siwon takes off his coat and lays on the bed. The guy tugs Yesung’s arm lightly, signaling the petite man to join him on the bed. Yesung complies Siwon request. Their hands find each other and they laces their finger while looking at the ceiling.

For a pretty long time, none of the man say anything. They prefer silence while enjoying each other company.

“You take Victoria home?” Siwon’s soft voice finally breaks the silence.

“Yeah. She is upset because we use her name again. She’s also complaining during the dinner, saying she won’t be able to have a date if we keep on using her as a cover.”

“I can introduce her to some guy in my office.”

Yesung shifts his position so he can look at the guy next to him. “I said that too.”

They both chuckle. Siwon turns his gaze to Yesung. The taller guy cannot hide the loving look on his eyes – not that he wants to hide that. Siwon touches Yesung cheek and strokes softly.

“But I like having a dinner out with you. It feels like we’re really a couple, you know.” Siwon’s voice can barely be heard.

“It’s not exactly a date. We’re one table away. And we’re not really a couple.” Yesung cannot help but lowering his voice as well. There’s a hint of sadness in his voice.

“I’m sorry we can’t have a proper date,” said Siwon apologetically. Yesung lifts his head a little to kiss Siwon. They share one short sweet kiss before Yesung ends it. The petite man caresses Siwon’s wet lips.

“It’s not your fault. We cannot be exposed.”

They both know perfectly the situation they are in. Lawyer and prosecutor is not a good pair in the very first place. There are times when they will sit on the opposite benches in the court. To make it worse, they live in a country where gay is totally forbidden and considered as a sin. They both have career to keep and family to protect. Too much things at stake if they expose their relationship.

The very best they can do is being strangers at day and lovers at night. They entitled themselves part time lovers.

Both Yesung and Siwon might act as two persons who happens to know each other during the day. They keep their conversation short and only about cases. They are good at pretending that sometimes Yesung think they’ll be good as actors.

But at night. At one of the weekends night. They allow themselves to adore each other, to whisper love words. It is only at one of these nights they can claim each other as theirs.


As the sun rises, its light starts penetrating the room occupied by Yesung and Siwon. The tallest of two is the one who wakes up first. He likes waking up earlier because that means he will have more time to stare at his lover. Siwon always loves the sight of sleeping Yesung. Siwon cannot understand how can a man looks handsome and beautiful at the same time.

Siwon caresses Yesung’s cheek and then leans his head to steal a kiss on Yesung’s lips. Siwon knows it will wake Yesung up. The petite guy is such a light sleeper but Siwon just cannot hold his urge to taste that sweet and sexy lips – again.

“I’m sleepy Siwon!” Yesung speaks with his eyes still closed. Siwon pulls Yesung into his embrace and strokes Yesung’s hair softly.

“Sleep more,” whispered Siwon.

“What time is it now?” asked Yesung. Siwon reaches his phone.

“Seven. We still have time.”

“Hummm…” Yesung only replies with a short hum. Few minutes later Yesung falls back to his sleep, giving more chance for Siwon to adore the man again.


“Can we just stay here until tomorrow? It’s on Saturday and it’s not like you have work to do today or tomorrow!” Siwon sounds like a nagging kid when Yesung just comes out of bedroom, looking fresh after a quite long shower session.

“I have to go back home, Siwon. You know the rules.” Yesung, on the opposite side, sounds like a strict mother.

“I cannot show up in office limping… and with kiss marks on my neck! How many times I’ve told you to leave no marks?” Yesung starts putting his clothes.

“We can stay here. You’ll be fine by Monday!” Siwon still persuades Yesung. The guy really doesn’t sound like the famous prosecutor he is known as.

Yesung shoots a glare to the prosecutor. “As if we can stay in this room without doing anything! You will only make my limping worse and add more kiss marks!”

“I swear! We will only talk, and eat, and … maybe a little bit cuddling.” Siwon stands up and hugs Yesung from behind. The guy kisses Yesung’s hair. “What do you think?”

“No!” Yesung answers sternly, resulting a pout on Siwon’s face. The petite man releasing himself from Siwon.
“If only people know how pervert you can be, those girls out there will stop admiring you. I will only trust your words in court, not in bedroom!”

Yesung starts collecting his phone, wallet and car keys while Siwon is still following him with his best puppy looks.

“C’mon. We really will not do any…..” Siwon thinks for a while. “… sinful yet delicious activities. We will only do some boring stuffs.” Siwon moves his eyebrows playfully.

“You don’t wanna spend more time with me? I’ve missed you.” Siwon’s voice sounds lower at the end of the sentence.
Yesung walks closer to Siwon before he finally pulls the muscular guy into a passionate and deep kiss. Their tongues touch each other and their lips collide. A couple minute later Yesung pushes Siwon. He wipes the saliva at the corner of Siwon’s lips and smiles sweetly to Siwon.

“I have to go, Siwon.” Yesung’s voice is low and sounds serious. Siwon knows he can’t argue Yesung. Though feeling reluctant, Siwon finally nods. He pulls Yesung’s head and kisses his forehead softly that it feels almost heartbreaking for both of them.

“I’ll see you in court on Monday?” asked Siwon while taking Yesung to the door.


Yesung and Siwon exchange one last look before Yesung finally walks out the door. Their time is over. The next time they meet, they’ll be just Mr. Lawyer and Mr. Prosecutor.

I tried to make it longer but I failed! Meh
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