Love Recipe

Characters: Yesung, Siwon, Sung Joon, Kyu Hyun, Dong Hae, Hae Woon (OC)
Pairings: YeWon! One sided; YeJoon (or whatever the pairing name for Yesung-Sung Joon)
Genre: romance, fluff (?)
Rating: Gee Gee Gee
Warning: I'm bad at writing and English. And I have been wanting to make a story for Yesung and this handsome hyung Sung Joon

Love comes easily to those who have many things in common. Well, that's how a relationship begins based on some cheesy romance novels.
Love comes to those who usually argue, bicker, and fight to each other a lot. Well, that's what some movies are about.

Siwon and Yesung are two close friends - along with three other people in their gank, kyuhyun, donghae, and Hae Woon.
They met in their first year in university. Yesung was actually two years older than the rest of the gank. He enrolled to the university later than those around his age. It was Siwon and Yesung who knew each other at the very first day of the university. Both of them liked jazz music, painting -though none of them knew how to paint or even how to hold the brush correctly, and they just loved anime a lot. Yet, strangely they argued to each other A LOT!


One year after the graduation, the gank still hang out when they have free time though they work in different companies. Kyuhyun, Dong Hae, and Hae Woon have already had their partners. Siwon and Yesung are the only ones remain single at the moment. Siwon had two relationships during his college year both of which only lasted for less than a year. Yesung had one year relationship few years back but then he broke up.

"Yah, you two! Why don't you just date!" Kyu Hyun point his finger to Siwon and Yesung who are currently bickering about the best anime of the year.

"No way!" Ironically, both of the men answer in harmony. Yesung crosses his arm, making a big x sign while Siwon shakes his head.

"Yesung is definitely a gay and as far as I can recall, Siwon is a bi. And both of you guys are single! Don’t you grow tired of being single?" Dong Hae added.

"I'm sexy, free, and single! and definitely happy with it!" Yesung replied proudly, resulting a loud chuckle from Siwon.

"You guys like the same thing," continued Dong Hae, ignoring Yesung’s earlier answer. "You both like jazz, paintings, and anime. I mean you have lots of things in common."

"Let them be, friends." Hae Woon finally commented.

"No, it doesn't make sense! They do not make sense!" Dong Hae still insisting on Siwon and Yesung to go on a date. Yesung shakes his head, emphasizing on his rejection to date Siwon.


"Yak Choi Siwon! Can't you wait!!!" Yesung shouted while trying to catch the glimpse of Siwon's tall body among hundreds of people filling the busy street of Orchard rd. Siwon and Yesung are in a short vacation in Singapore. They have planned this trip a month before witj the gank but just right before the d-day, the three of them suddenly have urgent things to do. Yesung and Siwon end up flying to Singapore by themselves since they desperately need some days off. At times like this, Yesung curses his short body and Siwon's tall body plus his ignorance. Yesung kinda miss Dong Hae since the said guy usually walks beside him and Hae Woon.

"Can you just walk little bit slower!" Yesung finally be able to get through so many people and catches Siwon.

"Blame on your short legs!" Siwon sticks his tounge out and starts walking faster again, leaving the grumbling Yesung behind.

“I hate you, jerk!” shout Yesung, totally ignoring the weird look given by people around him.


"You're waiting for Siwon?" A man talked to Yesung. The short man is currently at a cafe run by Siwon's older brother. Sometimes Siwon will help his brother in the cafe.

"Nope. I just came from my office and feel like going here. You know I'm your cafe's number one customer."

The man laughs and then sits on the empty seat across Yesung. "How's your vacation anyway?"

Yesung pouts his lips. "I hate your brother! He kept on leaving me whenever we walk! He never waited for me. I mean, He knew I have lots of things to carry when we left the hotel or when we just got out from the taxi but he just walked without helping me! He really needs to learn some manner! I knew I might sound like a girl complaining about her boyfriend, but seriously, you brother has this issue about being nice to others! I wonder how he treated any of his boyfriends or girlfriends.”

"You know, I honestly think you will be couple one day!

"Sung Joon hyung! Not you please! Every one has told me that very bad idea over and over. I really don’t think we can be together more than friends."

"But you have lots of common things... and you keep on bickering over stupid things. You know, people in your position usually end up as couple."

"Meh! I don't care about common things we have. I mean, there are still other things that should be considered beside liking and disliking."

"Like what?"

"Like chemistry or the comfort feeling when together."

Sung Jon nods solemnly. His lips curve into a smile, showing the dimples just like his brother.


It's Sunday evening on one of spring days. The gank is sitting on one corner of Sung Joon's cafe. It has been two years since their graduation. Kyu Hyun has already gotten married, surprisingly being the first in their gank. Dong Hae and Hae Woon somehow end up as a couple few months after they broke up with their partners.

"Waaah.. until a week ago, I still think you guys will end up as a couple," said Kyu Hyun while looking at Siwon and Yesung in disbelief.
Siwon smiles and takes a sip of his Ice Americano.

"I know.. I also can't believe my brother can stand his temper," replied Siwon.

"Yak!" Yesung hits Siwon's head. "Watch your words, I'm gonna be your brother-in-law very soon." Yesung gives a smirk.

"Let me see the ring!" Hae Woon squeals and takes Yesung's hand. The only girl in the gank admires the simple silver ring circling Yesung's finger. It's just a week ago when Sung Joon finally proposed to Yesung and the said guy said yes immediately.

"I also can't believe you really end up with Sung Joon hyung," Dong Hae commented.

Yesung shrugs lightly. "Love works in a strange way, right?"

Few hours later the gank finally leaves the cafe, except Siwon and Yesung. The two men sitting across each other. Yesung looks at his ring, admiring the circular thing as if it is a very sacred object.

"You really love my brother?" Siwon's low voice finally pulls Yesung from his own thought. He looks at the taller man with a frown.

"Yeah, sure I do." Comes Yesung's reply,

Siwon smiles weakly. "That's good.. because I'm about to say something."

Yesung gives Siwon a curious look but he says nothing, waiting for the man in front of him saying whatever he wants to say.
"I love you, Yesung."

Upon hearing Siwon's confession, Yesung opens his eyes widely. "But.. I... I'm already with Sung Joon. Your hyung. We're going to get married,"

"I know. I didn't mean to have you feel confuse about this confession thing. I simply just want to let this thing out."

"Since when, Siwon."

"I don't know. All I know is I just suddenly feel there's something growing for you. I should admit that it is my fault for letting you go when I should have done something."

"But I do really love your brother." Yesung doesn't know what to say. All this time, he never sees the love in Siwon's stare, or maybe he is just simply being oblivious.

“To be honest.” Yesung begins with a hint of hesitation in his voice. “I used to have this thing about you. I mean, in our earlier year back in university. We have so many things in common. Like people said, things probably would be easy for us. But then, as time passed by. As we hung out more often and as we argued more often, I learned that probably we should just be friends. So, I let this early interest slipped away.” Yesung shrugs.

"I should have tried harder and I should have taken you more seriously," Siwon said weakly, more to himself. "Hyung is a good person, I know he will try to make you happy and you should be happy. No need to worry about me. I will be okay."

Yesung sighs. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be. Just be happy."

They sit in silent for few more minutes before Siwon finally excuses himself and leaves Yesung alone. Yesung looks at his ring once again. All this time he never really think he will end up with Siwon. He's a nice guy, Yesung knows it. Despite his annoying remarks or senseless manner, Yesung knows Siwon is a nice guy. But he never pictures himself being with Siwon in a more serious relationship or even marriage. And he thought Siwon also feels the same way. Turns out he was wrong.

"Siwon leaves you alone?" A very familiar soft voice drags Yesunf out of his thought. A tall man standing near Yesung with slight frown on his forehead.

"Yeah.. he says his friends asked him to go out for a beer."

Sung Joon chuckles. "That brat! How could he leave you alone waiting for me?"

Yesung lets out a small laugh. "Because it is your job to keep me company, not your brother." Yesung stands up then circles his arm on Sung Joon's.

"Let's go home."

Sung Joon closes the cafe then they walk out the place. A very nice smell of spring fills the air that evening along with small breeze that brings the couple closer. Sung Joon circles his arm on Yesung waist. This simple gesture is what Yesung really likes about Sung Joon.

Both of them are actually have different taste in many things. Sung Joon likes pop while Yesung likes jazz.

Sung Joon doesn't know which part of abstract painting is interesting, the kind of painting which Yesung really likes.

Sung Joon loves chocolate - a very childish taste according to Yesung while the said guy loves more mature taste of coffee – as he said.

They're different in many ways yet Sung Joon can always draw Yesung into his world and he sometimes lets Yesung get him into Yesung's world.

Sung Joon gives Yesung a comfortable feeling through his simple gestures and small courtesy. And that's how Yesung ends up falling in love with the guy.

In the end, there is no formula nor theory to explain how love works on people. It’s a mystery no human can decipher.

hope you find it's okay *bowing with jong jin
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